Marriage Enrichment

The two free articles on the "Articles" link are only two of several that Mike & Ann use to lead Marriage Enrichment Retreats, or Seminars.  We are available to travel for expenses only, to include printing costs for materials, plus contributions to SHELTER Sanctuary Ministries as the host church, or organization deems appropriate.  There is no fee for our services.

As victims of divorce, we strive to serve our Lord by serving others in our bed & breakfast business and through the operation of SHELTER Sanctuary Ministries, by encouraging Married Couples to seek God in all things, to understand each other better, to learn to be dedicated to the institution of marriage as the Scripture defines and to never argue, nor fight.  Our experiences qualify us to speak and teach these truths with authority as we share what we have found to be the Holy Spirit guiding us through each wonderful experience and tragedy of life.  We willingly give ourselves to His ministry and follow the leadership of God's Holy Spirit to be "Encouragers" as He has ordained us to be.  We are not licensed counselors, nor licensed ministers, but Lay-Persons dedicated to serving others as we are led. 

Our divorce experiences, coupled with four years of leading Singles Ministry in our former church and sharing the experiences of many other friends who have gone through the same kind of fatal marriage experiences gives us insight that traditional Marriage Enrichment Retreat & Seminar leaders do not possess.  These leaders do a wonderful job of interpreting Scripture, outlining vital information and provide a great service to countless numbers of married couples, but they have not lived these experiences.   They have not faced the "Divorce Monster" and fought this Demon from Hell that destroys marriages.  We have faced that Demon and in losing the battle as we tried to save our faulty previous marriages, we have won the war with that Demon by creating a God-Ordained marriage of obedience and service to Him.  We desire to share this celebration of life with others.  Call to arrange a date for your retreat, or seminar and we will begin our preparation to serve you.

Mike & Ann Driver

See the "Articles" page for a list of 37 Session Topics to choose from.

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