(Aire Castle Inn B&B does not charge for concierge services unless we experience added expenses which we did not anticipate.  To cover those expenses, Aire Castle Inn will charge 5% to 10% service fees for concierge services when applicable.)


All NEW at Aire Castle!

We print YOUR family Coat-of-Arms, Family History, Clan History and combination of these to create Armorials (first picture).

All documents are printed on fine quality parchment type paper, full color and frameable.

Frames are optional, prices vary with frame style.  Call for us to e-mail pictures of frames & prices. 

  •  Coat-of-Arms (8 1/2 inches by 11 inches) - $15.00

  • Clan Insignia (8 1/2 inches by 11 inches) - $15.00

  • Armorials (most popular) (11 inches by 17 inches) - $21.00

  • Anniversary "His & Hers" Coats-of-Arms (not shown - 8 1/2 by 11) - $22.00

  • Clan History - (11 by 17) - $21.00

But WAIT!  Stay with us and receive a discount on any of the above prices!



"Design Your Own!"

Choose to spend your wedding night or honeymoon at Aire Castle and we will help to make your dreams come true! You will feel like royalty during your stay with us.

With almost 15 years in this business, we know that it is in your best interest to design your own Honeymoon Package to suit your individual needs and desires.  Aire Castle has a lot to choose from, so select a package from this page and embellish it, or go directly to our special page that allows you to "Customize Your Stay"!

Mike & Ann recommend a minimum 3-night Honeymoon! 

Click "Customize Your Personal Package" banner below

& design your own custom Honeymoon!

Members of the "Red Hat Society" welcome here.
Contact Aire Castle Inn for "Red Hat" Getaways.  

Picnic To Go Package

One of our most popular packages!

We furnish your Picnic Basket, Utensils and Cooler to take along:

We will have prepared for you:

  • Smoked Sausage Roll
  • Co-Jack Cheese
  • Spicy Mustard
  • Fancy Dill Pickles
  • Chips Variety
  • Fruit Selection
  • Whole Grain Bread Loaf
  • Cold Beverages
  • Rich Chocolate

Total Picnic Package - $35

- One-week advance notice for this package -

Men!  You never go wrong by adding flowers to your getaway!

"Spa Basket By Lady Anne"

Enjoy this tin basket full of Spa items hand-picked by Lady Anne just for you, then take it all home to decorate your bath as a keepsake reminder of your time at Aire Castle Inn B&B!

$30.00 (to $40.00 optional)

$40.00 Basket includes more extra goodies.

(use with your whirlpool bath, and more)

~ includes ~

A variety of "Personal Spa Treats"


"Water-Craft on Kentucky Lake"

(Click on "Customize Your Stay" in the blue tool bar above.)

Don't forget! You can always have fun in our pool!

(Members of "Blend" A' Capella Quartet visiting Aire Castle)

See Christian Ministries Info page to contact "Blend"

Check out our Commons Area.

Don't Forget! We offer Stained Class Classes too!

Pre-Arranged Dinner Reservations

This feature is modeled after Mike's first date with Ann.

One of the most romantic evenings you can create is a pre-arranged dinner in a fine restaurant. Let us help plan your evening, make your reservations and all you have to do is dress-up and enjoy being treated special! 

Mike & Ann will provide all your menu information with a form for you to fill out in detail, then we make your reservations and pass on the completed form to your choice of the two finest restaurants in our area.  Your dinner is all set and we do not charge for our concierge services. 

Sorry, we cannot use our credit card machine to process these dinners.  You may pay at the end of your dinner, or if you want us to give your Credit Card info to the restaurant to cover this dinner, you must give us written permission. 

Aire Castle Inn recommends and has established relations with The Brass Lantern Restaurant in Aurora (12 miles) and/or Patti's Settlement (15 miles).  We can make all the necessary advanced arrangements for your special dinner.

Dinner for two - Averages $75 to $100 (Varies)

Have cut flowers waiting upon your return to Aire Castle Additional $30-50

(This is a flexible Package according to your requests - Minimum Two-day advance notice required - Reservations for Patti's normally requires 5 to 7 days notice - Price varies according to your menu selection - Server is guaranteed 20% gratuity)

Fishing Package

Aire Castleís preferred professional fishing guide is Noel Dillard, an old friend and former co-worker who has lived in the Kentucky & Barkley Lakes area for most of his life, operating as a fishing guide. Now retired, Noel has agreed to be our preferred fishing guide under the following conditions.

Noel Dillard is the founder of "handiCAPABLE Fish Guide Services", a fish guide service for disabled, or handicapped persons. Noel has taken a large boat and modified the front, building a special deck that allows wheelchairs, walkers, etc. to easily access his boat. Guests are securely locked down and supplied with safety equipment. Noel has provided the opportunity for persons, who would otherwise never be able, to enjoy the experience of fishing and boating.

Noel will, when available, serve as your fishing guide at no charge, using his boat, your boat, or you may want to rent a fishing boat from one of the local marinas. You will agree to make a tax refundable donation to "handiCAPABLE Fish Guide Services", (a licensed 501c3 not-for-profit charity organization) in an approximate amount equal to the amount a fishing guide would normally charge.

We can guarantee that you will have a wonderful time fishing
with Noel Dillard. See more about him at www.handicapable.net.

Guide fees range from $120 for half-day, or $175 to $200 for full-day, weekly rates vary.

If Noel is not available, we will make arrangements with another local fishing guide for you. Rates will vary according to the guide service, the season and your needs.

Legal Kentucky Fishing License and proper identification is required at all times.
Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife

Craft Lesson Packages

Aire Castle Inn offers lesson packages for Crafts as well as Stained Glass Art, to include -
  • Leather Tooling & Stamping
  • Basic Nailed Tin or Copper Art
  • Surface Relief Wood Carving (Dremel Tool)
  • Wood Burning Art
These lessons are one-day sessions, hands-on for individuals (two persons max.), no groups.  Students will complete at least one nice project.  Tools are provided, fees for some supplies may apply. 

Cost for one-day lesson per student - $50  
One, or two night stay at Aire Castle Inn recommended, not required.  Reserve lesson dates 10 days, or more in advance. 

 See our "Stained Glass Art" page for details about lessons to learn "Stained Glass Art"!

"4 Special Packages Below, Just for You!"

(All packages can be modified, or add your feature preferences as listed on our "Customize Your Stay" page  - prices adjusted accordingly.)


"An Irish Blessing" Package
(An Exceptional Package with 6 Features)

  • 2-Nights Stay in a Whirlpool Suite

(With all of Aire Castle Innís amenities & special features)

~ plus ~

  • A Vase of Cut Flowers for Her
  • "Pre-Arranged Dinner for Two"

We have chosen the Brass Lantern Restaurant as our preference for this package.

(Note:  Brass Lantern is closed January 1st through the first week of February.  Enjoy optional dinner at Patti's Settlement.)

  • "Song of the Piper"

Celtic 3-CD Pack by Ric Blair Band
Traditional Celtic Instrumental Music
& Irish Hymns

See & Hear Ric and his newest band, "The Celts" at


  • "An Irish Gift" - (FREE)

Your choice of one of a select group of Irish theme gifts
from our gift selections.

~ plus ~

  • "Live Music & Variety Show"

We reserve your tickets for an evening of live entertainment at
"The Kentucky Opry" (A mix of country, gospel & early rock & roll hits)

Featuring our friend, Clay Campbell

Irish music and instruments strongly influenced Country Music in the USA for the past 200+ years.  The Kentucky Opry presents some of the finest and is closest to a fair night at the local pub as we can get, here in Western Kentucky.

(If your night for this show turns out to be a special event that costs more than the regular admission price, cost of your package will be adjusted to compensate.)

Dinner for the second evening is not included in this package, but we suggest your choice of one of the nice restaurants in Draffenville, close to the Kentucky Opry.
(no reservations needed - not pre-arranged)

Package Price Estimates:

Adare Manor Whirlpool Suite - $385.00 plus taxes

Kilkea Castle Whirlpool Suite - $370.00 plus taxes

*All package features are included and estimated, except the one dinner before the show at the Kentucky Opry. Guests pay Aire Castle Inn for lodging and added amenities only, plus related taxes.


"Buffalo Dinner" - Package
(Be adventurous, try a Buffalo steak)

  • 1-Night Stay in a Whirlpool Suite

(With all of Aire Castle Innís amenities & special features)

~ plus ~

  • "Pre-Arranged Dinner for Two"*

at the "Brass Lantern Restaurant", our favorite
featuring sweet, tender

"Prime Benton Buffalo Steak"

with all the trimmings - appetizer & dessert not included

  • plus a complimentary (free)

bottle of your choice

"Berringerís White Zinfandel Wine"**(Note Below)
or "Sparkling Juice" (non-alcoholic)


When you return to Aire Castle, we will have waiting for you -

  • "Warm Chocolate Brownies"***

in your room.

Package Price: Around $235.00 to $245.00 (varies with choices)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Adare Manor Whirlpool Suite - $145.00* plus room taxes

Kilkea Castle Whirlpool Suite - $135.00* plus room taxes

Brownies - $15.00 (No Taxes)

Estimated Dinner at Brass Lantern - $75.00 - includes 20% Guaranteed Gratuity for your server; cost varies with other meal selections, appetizers, desserts, etc.  This expense is paid directly to the Brass Lantern.  

*(Note) - See details concerning Pre-Arranged Dinner for Two.  Payment for this dinner is made at the restaurant following the meal, not run through our credit card system due to tax concerns. 

**(Note) - Aire Castle Inn does not sell alcoholic beverages, but as a courtesy, we will purchase for guests and ask to be reimbursed for the cost plus travel expenses. For this special package, we offer this beverage, or the Sparkling Juice to our guests free of charge. The Package Price does not include any charges for these beverages. The Brass Lantern will provide glasses & a cork screw for you and permits bring-your-own-bottle.

***(Note) - Brownies will be prepared while you are out to supper and ready when you return.  Please coordinate with Lady Anne as you leave Aire Castle so she can begin those preparations.


"Camping-ĎIní-Over-Night" - Package

  • 1-Night Stay in a Whirlpool Suite

(With all of Aire Castle Innís amenities & special features)

~ plus ~

  • "Pizza Hut" large pizza of your choice

(ĎOrdered iní to your room)

  • FREE - Ice Cream, or Frozen Yogurt

of your choice, served to you for dessert.

  • Home-Baked Cookies

(Your choose what kind)

  • Your choice of a Celtic/Irish CD from our inventory

May be an instrumental or vocal collection of Irish music for you

to enjoy & take home to help re-live your memories

at Aire Castle Inn.

Package Price

Adare Manor Whirlpool Suite - $195.00* plus taxes

Kilkea Castle Whirlpool Suite - $185.00* plus taxes

*Price includes everything listed


*Notice - ALL Packages that include arrangements with other businesses require payment in advance, or you pay them upon demand, or you may give Aire Castle permission to bill to your credit card. Some packages are non-refundable, or only partially refundable, due to several businesses with different cancellation and refund policies are involved. Each package receives intense personal attention, special purchases, and/or preparation and lots of time. It is our pleasure to serve you in a most professional manner.  Should another business fail to provide the proper services for you, Aire Castle takes no responsibility for this failure.

Packages must be planned and ordered well in advance to give us time required to prepare.  No last minute packages can be arranged.