"SHELTER Sanctuary Ministries"

S - Spiritual

H - Haven

E - Encouraging

L - Love &

T - Trust,

E - Enriching Lives & Marriages,

R - Renewing Relationships

Aire Castle Inn serves as home base for SHELTER Ministries

* * *

Mission Purpose Statement

"SHELTER Sanctuary Ministries" sole purpose and mission is to provide a Christ-like atmosphere and accommodations for sabbatical rejuvenation retreats for:

(1) Retreats for Pastors, Missionaries and other Ministers of all Christian Denominations

(2) Retreats for Military Couples and

(3) other Married Couples recovering from near divorce experiences

and encourage these couples to seek Godís direction through prayer, tuning their hearts to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

"Call us for more information.  Refer anyone in any form of Christian ministry who is in need of encouragement, rest, rejuvenation and temporary sanctuary." 

Contributions:  SHELTER Sanctuary Ministries will accept contributions from individuals, churches or organizations and use these contributions for the sole purpose of assisting in providing a Sanctuary Retreat consisting normally of 2 to 5 nights or more for a "Couple in Christian Ministry" (Pastor Couple or other).  The purpose of providing these retreats is to give these married couples a much needed opportunity to re-connect with each other, be encouraged and spend time seeking God's will in their lives.  These couples will be guests at Aire Castle Inn, or another participating B&B at a severely reduced rate, using contribution funds to cover operating expenses only.  In special cases, SHELTER will provide retreats for a married Military Couple in need of a Sanctuary Retreat, or a Sanctuary Retreat for a Married Couple that is recovering from a "near-divorce"  experience.

Contact SHELTER Sanctuary Ministries at stay@airecastle.com to request a complete written description about the organization of and plans for the future development of expanding this much needed ministry.  SHELTER needs other Christian owned B&B's to come on-board as facility providers and encouragers.  SHELTER needs some individual, church, or other organization to assist in further development of this ministry and establishing a foundation for it.

Personal Information:

Ann & Mike had many guests at Trinity Hills Farm B&B Country Inn that we owned and operated for nine years. Health problems led to financial problems that forced us to sell out. But, God wanted us to continue to serve, so He set a series of things in motion that brought us here to what we call "Aire Castle Inn B&B".

We formed "SHELTER Sanctuary Ministries" long before we knew we would ever have a place to make it a reality. Our plan after losing Trinity Hills Farm, was to buy a nice home in a subdivision somewhere and have one extra room to bring Pastor Couples in for a sabbatical retreat, but God had other plans. So, here we are!

"Pastor Couples" are our primary "target" group, but not the only persons that we seek to help. Our goal is to "catch them before they fall", encouraging married couples to recognize that there are "three" persons in their marriage, not just two. By encouraging in this way, we see couples come to the realization that the Holy Spirit is real and always there to guide them.

1. The ministry seeks to serve any married couples, or individuals in any Christian Ministry from any Christian denomination who are really burned out, tired to exhaustion, spiritually or emotionally wounded, or even displaced (maybe fired from ministry) and needing to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

2. It seeks to bring married couples who almost chose divorce, but were strong enough to seek counseling and are on the road to recovering from this experience, to come here for a "celebration of that love".

3. It seeks to bring Married Military Couples that have been apart for a long time and suffered in their marriage, possibly considered divorce, for them to have a few days to get to know each other again.

Each couple may contribute as much as they can afford to pay, to help with expenses, but if they cannot afford to pay at all, we will take them anyway. A few caring & concerned individuals, most being previous guests have given a little along the way to help with this ministry and we, Mike & Ann absorb the rest. If SHELTER guests are financially able to pay in part, or however, we expect them to do as led by God's Holy Spirit. If these guests cannot afford to pay anything, that is fine. We take them anyway. Otherwise, SHELTER Sanctuary Ministries does not solicit for contributions, but rather depends upon the Holy Spirit to move those who choose to contribute to this ministry, as they see fit.